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Limited edition offical Iditarod fundraising print "The Spirit of Iditarod". Limited to 1049 prints.

This year's print entitled "The Spirit of Iditarod," symbolizes much of what the Iditarod represents; the great silent spaces of wild Alaska that the Iditarod Trail winds through; the Spirit of Alaska's indigenous peoples that have been one with 'The Great Land' ever since time itself was young; the Spirit of the Raven, which untold generations of Native elders, awed by the bird's innate intelligence, have woven into legends of Creation, Wisdom, Special Powers, and Guidance; the Spirit of the Alaska Husky bonding with the musher is by nature itself. These dogs are a part of the wildness, but with the musher they are one together, sharing the freedom and exuberance of the Iditarod Trail, and lastly; the Spirit of each Iditarod musher who helps to keep alive and vibrant, the Spirit is the Iditarod.

The three ravens appear to be showing the way with their unique sense of Guidance. Along with the Raven Spirit Mask, and the Native elder, they watch over the musher below. If we imagine the birds as representing three distinct generations of the Raven family winging their way together, we may derive a parallel to the three generations of the Seavey Clan, Dan, Mitch and Dallas, past, present and future. They have made their mark on the 42 year history of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, ensuring that the "Spirit of Iditarod" remains secure, and so the legend lives on. The Iditarod remains "The Last Great Race on Earth."

Print(s) will begin being shipped on January 27. The will be an additional shipping charge of $31. For Domestic Fedex shipping.

The Print(s) can also be picked up at Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla.

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